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Máy đóng gói thuốc bột dạng tháp

Granule feed bag packing machine

Các thông số kỹ thuật kỹ năng.
Phạm vi bao bì: 10-500g
Vật liệu động: Granule
Mô hình lựa chọn: full-automatic
Yêu cầu tốc độ: 40~55 bag/min
Hình thức đóng gói: in bag
Đóng gói sản phẩm.: Feed, seeds, dog food, food, pharmaceutical and chemical pellet packaging
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Equipment features:

1. Easy to operate touch screen menu, wide screen (10.4 inches);

2. Alarm and menu display, easy to solve machine problems;

3. Quickly change the package size within 10 minutes:

A: adjust 16 claw hands through the touch screen at the same time;

B: the size of the bag feeder is controlled by the screen and no tools are needed.

4. Automatic central lubrication system, easy to maintain;

5. The machine is waiting for the feeder to feed;

6, external parts 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy oxidation;

7. Special design of sealing strip to achieve perfect sealing (one sealing station, one grid sealing station);

8. Memory maintenance function (seal temperature, machine speed, seal width);

9. The touch screen adjusts the sealing temperature;

10. Spring device ensures easy adjustment of seal;

11. The specially designed heating device ensures that the seal does not deform;

12. The bag feeder is easy to adjust and maintain;

Safety protection: low noise (65Db), very low vibration when the machine is running.

Machine specification:

The model is mac-8s-235

1. Product: packaging bag (sample bag is needed eventually);

2. Filling capacity: 500g;

3. Speed: 40-55 bags/min. According to the packaging products, different bag sizes and material speed will be different.

4. Packaging bag: prefabricated bag

5. Bag size: width: 90-235mm, length: 320mm;

6. Bag material: composite film;

7. Sealing: continuous thermal sealing (sealing form: linear);

8. Sealing temperature: PID control (0-300 degrees);

9. Pressure: pressure seal;

10. Printing: inkjet printing (optional);

11. Bag feeder: belt type;

12. Bag change: 16 clips can be automatically adjusted through the touch screen


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